Agent Doug Monda


Agent Doug Monda never saw it coming. In his 15-years as a police officer, SWAT cop, drug agent, lifelong athlete and adrenaline junkie, he was the last person to see what nearly cost him his life. In 2014 Monda was a trigger pull away from taking his own life. “I couldn’t escape the pain. I was so tired of being in pain, physically and mentally and no one could tell me anything or show me anything that could make it go away,” Monda said during a lengthy conversation about why he is now speaking out. “Ultimately, in my mind, at that point, the only way I could be pain free was to leave.” But fortunately for Monda his coworkers and close friends, including Chief Mike Cantaloupe, intervened through a program called Safe Call Now. “That’s what we did. We contacted them and these people from out of state across the country came out of nowhere to help me,” Monda added. “They’re there. You just have to ask for help. This is why I am speaking publicly. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through.”

“It’s all about awareness and knowing there is help available if you just ask for it,” Monda said. “I am so grateful for the people who helped save my life and I want others to see that if I can make it, they can too.”

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