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By cordell.waldron 15 Apr, 2017
Working sex crimes is a necessity to protect the innocent and vulnerable. The sexual crimes of human trafficking, child pornography, prostitution and child molestation are crimes that devastate victim’s lives and destroy trust. Individuals working these crimes do so in order attempt to stop the devastation. However, there has been little attention given to the psychological damage that can be created by performing these investigations.

The human brain was not designed to undergo the trauma of a sexual crime. Looking at images, listening to victims and interrogating perpetrators of these offenses leave marks on the psyche that are somewhat subtle at first, but can develop into psychological difficulties that are more profound. There Is a phenomena of secondary trauma that can occur where the investigator develops symptoms similar to the victim. A development of the feelings that the world is not safe creates fear, which may manifest itself in anxiety, depression, isolation or numbness as a reaction to the atrocities the officer has to endure in the course of an investigation.

We as humans are relational beings and intimacy is part of our psychological make up. When someone is exposed to the perversion of intimacy it can result in changes in their own relationships, anywhere from repulsion of intimacy itself to believing everyone is sexually disturbed and it’s just a matter of time before it occurs. The violation of something so private as feelings regarding relationships is tragic. Wanting to help others and save victims turns the helper into another victim of the perversion.

Few if any departments recognize the toll sex crimes plays on the ones doing the investigations. There is little if any down time between cases and debriefing is not a thought. The accumulation of numerous accounts of these types of crimes can result in a build–up of trauma and numbness to others develops as a self-protection mechanism. The problem with this numbing is that it is not under conscious control and not only happens on the job but carries over to personal relationships.  There is rarely a discussion how the job affects the home life of law enforcers in general, let alone what sex crime work does to the private lives of the investigators.

Investigators need to protect what they have at home because that is who will be there at the end of the day.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Saving Lives on the Cutting Edge

PEAK 1 Wellness for First Responders
Peak 1 Wellness is a mobile wellness company that provides behavioral and physical health solutions to first responders, their families and providers. We offer training and education to first responders nationwide. We have created a health program that offers more in depth assessments of behavioral and physical well-being for first responders that will enable them to perform their duties to the best of their ability on the job and at home. It is statistically proven and documented that stress and trauma experienced on the job has an effect on family members at home. It is important to make sure that they receive the proper level of care as well.

We have a network of doctors and medical staff that we bring to a vast network of first responders, behavioral health and substance abuse facilities nationwide. Our doctors provide behavioral health evaluations and wellness testing options for these patients. Results are strictly confidential and get sent to the patients individually once the results are ready.

Mission: We offer comprehensive behavioral health and wellness solutions to first responders and their families.

Law Enforcement: The #1 one killer of police officers is law enforcement suicide. Law enforcement suicide occurs 1.5 times more frequently compared to the general population.

Fire Fighters: Firefighters experience post-traumatic stress disorder at rates similar to what’s seen among combat veterans.


Emergency Medical Services: We offer more in depth assessments of behavioral and physical well-being for first responders that will enable them to perform their duties to the best of their ability on the job and at home.


For a complete listing of our services: Click here

For more information or to contact PEAK 1 Wellness: Click here

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Epitome of Excellence...

Safe Call Now's Ron Jones
The Epitome of Excellence... An appropriate description of Safe Call Now's Ron Jones. I received a phone call yesterday that Ron is retiring from service to Safe Call Now . Let me tell you about this man. I don't know if I've ever seen a more dedicated person to the #1stresponders out there than Ron. I met Ron when he called me to inquire about Safe Call Now and the services we provide. I was struck by his southern drawl and calm demeanor. Ron had served with other crisis lines over the years and I knew when I first met him he was a perfect fit.

Ron took on many roles with Safe Call Now and helped build this organization to what it is today. He's served as a Peer Advocate, Peer Advocate Trainer, Call Center Coordinator and Vice President. He's been there through the good times and bad but he was "always" there. He is more than respected by everyone in the organization and those he has dealt with around the country. Ron can be a soft shoulder to lean on and when necessary he draws hard bottom lines to save the lives of those that serve. Ron has saved countless lives over the years and he should be commended for his efforts.

Let me give you a little background of what he brought to Safe Call Now and to those that he served over the years, he is the complete package...

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